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To update the list of Colorado 14,000 ft. mountains you have climbed, complete the form below. Normally you only need to enter your name and any mountains you have climbed since your last update. If you are posting for the first time, then you can add your home town and a link (starting with http://) to your web page with trip reports and photos. If you don't have a web site, leave it blank.

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Front Range
Longs Peak
Pikes Peak
Grays Peak
Torreys Peak

Holy Cross
La Plata
Sangre de Cristo
Crestone Peak
Crestone Needle
Kit Carson
Little Bear
North Maroon
San Juans
San Luis
Wilson Peak
Mt Wilson
El Diente
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website for?

It's a list for people who have climbed at least one of the 54 mountains over 14,000 feet in Colorado. You can view the complete list of names here along with their home towns, web pages, and number climbed (in descending order). You can click on any name to list the fourteeners they climbed.

What is a fourteener?

Any mountain over 14,000 feet. However, we count only the 54 in Colorado.

What do I get when I climb them all?

Your name moves to the top of the list.

Where can I get maps, directions, etc?

The best guidebook is probably Colorado Fourteeners by Gerry Roach. For winter climbs, also get Dawson's Guide to Colorado Fourteeners by Louis Dawson. The most comprehensive online guide to mountains worldwide including all the fourteeners is probably SummitPost. For current conditions, Fourteenerworld has the most active message board and up-to-date trailhead access conditions. Both sites include trip reports. Also try the Colorado Climbers mailing list.

I climbed Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Whitney, and Mt. Mitchell. Can I add these to the list?

No, this list is only for Colorado fourteeners. However, when you post a link to your web page, you can include anything you want.

Does it count if I drive to the top of Pikes Peak or Mt. Evans?

That's up to you. Some people will not count a climb unless they start hiking from 3000 feet below the summit. However the only requirement for this list is to reach the top.

Where is the road to the top of Mt. Elbert?

There isn't one. Get a guide book. See above.

I free soloed the Diamond on Longs Peak in under an hour. Do I get extra points?


I can't find Challenger, Conundrum, or Cameron on the form.

They are not on the traditional list of fourteeners because they don't rise 300 feet from the saddle of their parent peak.

But neither do North Maroon or El Diente.

They are included for historical reasons. The Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) and all of the speed records include them.

What about Sunlight Spire?

The 14,000 ft. elevation is not official yet, and it doesn't meet the 300 foot rule according to Gerry Roach.

What is the speed record for climbing all the fourteeners?

10 days, 20 hours, and 26 minutes by Cave Dog according to these rules.

If I break the speed record, do I move to the top of the list?

No, this isn't a speed climbing contest. The order among everyone who has climbed the same number is random.

Why did Cave Dog climb 55 fourteeners?

He climbed Challenger just in case because the former speed record holder, Andrew Hamilton did too. He climbed it because it was "right there".

How can I climb Culebra?

Culebra is on private land. The CMC has negotiated one weekend per year with the owners in which members may climb. You need to join CMC, have climbed 50-53 of the other fourteeners (according to this list) and there is a lottery.

How do you know I really climbed the mountains and didn't just check the boxes?

We trust you. However the CMC may require more proof, or maybe not. We are not affiliated with the CMC.

It's a real pain to check off all my mountains every time just to add one more.

You only need to check that one.

I added the wrong mountain by mistake.

There is a radio button labeled remove checked mountains at the bottom of the form. Click on it, enter your name, the mountain(s) you want to remove, and update.

My mountains are listed under two different names.

You probably changed the spelling of your name since your last update. Remove the mountains under one name and add them under the other. If you just noticed this, the easiest fix is to click your browser's back button, check remove and update. Then go back again, fix the spelling of your name, check add and update again.

I added some mountains and it doesn't show the ones I added before.

Check that you don't have mountains listed under two names. See above.

Another climber has the same name as me.

Change your name. Add an initial or something. Two names are the same if they have the same letters, ignoring all other characters and upper/lower case. For example, Joe Q. Al Mahmood-O'McDonald Jr. is the same person as joeqalmahmoodomcdonaldjr.

I got married/divorced/am under federal witness protection. How do I change my name?

Remove all your mountains and add them under your new name. Your name won't appear unless you have climbed at least one mountain.

I want to remove my name.

Remove all your mountains. Your name is displayed only if you have at least one mountain.

I want to join but I haven't climbed any fourteeners yet.

Go climb one and come back.

I/my web site moved.

Enter your name and new home town/web site.

I noticed there is no password. What is to stop someone from removing all my mountains, changing my website, etc?

Nothing really. I intend for this website to be self policing. Report abuse to

My question is not on your list.

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