Million Mile Ultra Run

With 1000, 10,000, and 100,000 Mile Fun Runs

When: Starts 0000 GMT, 1 Jan. 1997. In the US, that's 7:00 PM EST or 4:00 PM PST, Dec, 31, 1996. You may enter at any time and (if you've kept a log) enter your miles retroactively back to the start. However, the winner is the first to cross the finish line AND submit his/her miles.

Where: Anywhere you want, as long as each day's walk/run is measured and recorded.

Why: Nobody has ever run 1,000,000 miles. The record as of 1997 was held by Douglas Alistair Gordon Pirie of Great Britain (b. 1931), who ran 216,000 miles from 1941 to 1981 [Guiness Book of Records, 1992]. Herb Fred (b. 1929) ran 252,922 miles as of Aug. 31, 2016.

Rules: Cutoff for all races is 100 years, on Dec. 31, 2096. To complete 1,000,000 miles, you will have to average 27.4 miles per day, although there are no intermediate cutoffs.

All distance covered must be on foot and must be on measured courses of your own choosing. You may measure the courses yourself. You are NOT required to have your runs officially timed or witnessed, although you may wish to do so if you want to sumbit your results as an official record.

If you don't know a distance exactly, you may use the lower limit of the estimated distance. For example, if your run is about 12-15 miles, you can count 12 miles.

Submit the number of miles or kilometers run during each month using the form below. You may submit mileage more than once a month if you like, submitting your final totals at the end of each month. Each entry replaces the previous one.

Other distance: Miles km

Results are posted monthly to the ultrarunning mailing list.

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For problems, contact Matt Mahoney at Note: If you plan to enter mileage retroactively that would put you in the top 10, you need to email me personally so I know who you are

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